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Featured Title: The Dystopian States of America

This Is Not Our Future.

Welcome to The Dystopian States of America: a charity anthology benefiting the ACLU Foundation.This anthology features dystopian views of the future, for America and/or the entire world, should the current regime remain in power. And we use the word “regime” very pointedly, because while the executive branch of our government certainly made for a ripe target, our authors were free to draw inspiration from the legislative branch, the judicial branch, local governments, or outside influencers (i.e lobbies, corporations, donors, propagandists, etc.) as well. Many of us have publicly stated that the reality we’re currently living within is scarier and more surreal than anything any of us have ever dreamt up, so this anthology provided the chance to take that ball and run with it.

All proceeds from The Dystopian States of America will be donated to the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation. The ACLU Foundation is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit corporation, donations to which fund the ACLU’s litigation and public education efforts. As such, all contributing authors have donated their work to this anthology without payment.


Featured Title: Monochromes and Other Stories

Some people just see the world differently.

The author of this collection has, at times, argued that The Terminator is a love story, that Bob Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right” is joyful rather than bitter, and that the characters of Everybody Loves Raymond are more monstrous than the Bates Family. In his first collection of original fiction, he turns his wry, satiric eye upon landscapes of his own creation — including the early days of skydiving, the terror of collecting unemployment, the extreme sport of competitive standing, a circus performer succumbing to zombie-ism, and the most anticipated day never circled on any calendar — to find horror hidden within humor, hope persisting amidst anguish, and absurdity pretty much everywhere. The views from his pen are equal parts hysterical, unsettling, and thought provoking.

Some people just see the world differently. Matt Bechtel is one of those people.


A Preview of My Latest Blog Post:

“Broken” by Matt Bechtel

*** Author’s Note — I promised to publish some original works of flash fiction on this blog, and I’m a man of my word. Below is a brand-new flash piece, written specifically for this platform and clocking in at around 450 words, titled “Broken.” I hope you enjoy, and I hope it piques your interest to keep your eyes on this site for more!     Broken By Matt Bechtel I thought nothing of it when I knocked my wife’s favorite compact off the vanity that morning. Noah was crying, so I was rushing to shave quickly and get downstairs…

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