Some authors abhor doing public readings, but I’ll freely admit that I’m a ham — always have been, always will be. I did local theatre as a kid, was a theatre minor in college, and I’m a regular performer at the Northeastern Writers’ Convention, a.k.a. Camp Necon (in fact, I even created a stand up routine that has become an annual tradition at the con and participate in the Roast every year).

So, in short, I like being on stage. Which means I LOVE reading my own work to an audience, because I don’t just read them, I perform them. It gives me the opportunity to share my stories as I heard them in my own head as I wrote. As such, I hope you enjoy the following videos as much as I enjoyed their creation!

Reading from Necronomicon 2017

(features “TeleServe,” “A Man Walks Into a Bar,” and “Someday,” from MONOCHROMES AND OTHER STORIES)


(features a reading of “TeleServe” from MONOCHROMES AND OTHER STORIES; originally aired October 12, 2017, on Bridgewater TV)

Reading of “The Walking Man”

(from the New England Horror Writers ghost story anthology WICKED HAUNTED; originally posted via Facebook Live on November 9, 2017)

Reading of “Before Parachutes”

(from MONOCHROMES AND OTHER STORIES; originally posted via Facebook Live on March 18, 2018)