As is the case for many writers, I still work multiple jobs as I chase my dream. For me, that means continuing to take on web and graphic design clients (and although I have always served a very diverse clientele, more and more of my freelance work now comes from the worlds of publishing and writing!). Still, I have over two decades of experience in these fields and I'm quite proud of the portfolio I've compiled over the years. I'm honored to use my skills to help small businesses market themselves in a professional manner; after all, their companies are their babies and my clients trust me to put their best foot forward. To me, simply put, that's a sacred trust.

Below you can find a few samples from my portfolio, including web sites I have designed and managed beyond this one. If you like what you see and are interested in hiring me in this capacity, please hit me up via my e-mail address atop the righthand sidebar or via my contact page. Thank you.


Web Sites:

Camp Necon

Jill Bauman

Peter Johnson

Tony Tremblay

Les Daniels

Tank Services, Inc.

Haverhill House Publishing

Richard Dansky

Peter N. Dudar

Diane Daniels Manning

The Dystopian States of America

C&K Electric Co.


Book Trailers:

Monochromes and Other Stories

The Night Before Krampus

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

The Dystopian States of America



Graphic Design:


Logos (Companies & Events)

Book Covers


The following banners were part of a series created to promote the programming schedule of a virtual writers convention. Please CLICK HERE to view more.

Menu, Nino's Italian Restaurant

Media Kit, Cleansing the Sol

Media Kit, HeatSmart Campaign

Packaging (Dog Treat Cover Mock-Up)

PLEASE NOTE — This item never advanced into production, hence the empty code boxes and incomplete nutritional information. The black dashed lines represent trim lines, the white dashed lines represent folds, and a picture of the product was placed into the transparent windows to simulate how the packaging would look when filled.


Flyers & Print Ads